With gratitude, from North Carolina - Boone.
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Some say the best things in life comes unplanned, they are right. Road trip to North Carolina was a pretty impromptu decision. Kristen's grandma stays in Boone, her grandpa passed on a few months back and now her grandma is finally ready to bury his ashes. I witnessed the whole family come together, not to cry but a celebration for their dad/ grandpa to rest in peace, relieved from all pain from the illness. It was a happy gathering. It's a different culture back home and I'm glad that had the chance to experience it.

This trip was a really laid back one. Work continues on a monday so we only had the weekends to do it. We drove through pitch dark roads 3am in the morning, brave passed foggy hill roads and caught the sun rise on our way, about 7 hours in total. We did not plan for many activities, mainly to experience a weekend of the rural beauty, away from the cities. I remember having a chat with a friend about a travel trip I really like to have and I told him I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. So thankful I made it. Autumn is here and leaves are turning amber; it was such an absolutely beautiful sight high up here at Boone. I sat along Watuaga River with a cone of ice cream in my hands, closed my eyes and listen to what nature has to say. Rode on a four-wheeler for the first time, experience living up on the mountains, see wild deers running around the area, and went up to the tip of Grandfather Mountain to see the wonders of what Mother Earth builds. Picture heavy post.

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Thank you Kristen, for driving me up to North Carolina, meeting your big family and making new friends. I have learnt so much from your stories and I'm so grateful I met you through email, meeting you only one day before we start work at Maggie Austin Cake and also share the same love for cakes and cake decorating. Not only have I came all the way to the States to fulfil my dream for passion, you've also helped me a great deal in satisfying my greed for knowledge of the world. Thank you. 

By the way, came across this really interesting article on Facebook and thought it would be appropriate to share it here: 18 Reactions Singaporeans Get When We’re Abroad. It's really hilarious and I'm sure my traveling friends who experienced it would totally agree. At least, number 1 was the question popped to me on the flight from Tokyo to Chicago while chatting with Gallop, a Japanese American. Number 8 & 9 was the reaction Kristen had when I shared about Singapore to her. Everything in the article just falls into the picture perfectly, how interesting! 

Traveling around the world is SO FUN :)