South Africa - PART 2 (Day 3 -5)

While planning for my trip to the States, all the researching got me all itching to (finally) share about my 2nd part of the retreat! It has been a super delayed post but sure hope you guys get to see what went through my eyes and soul too. Traveling indeed is the only activity that makes you richer. This trip to South Africa really opened my eyes and triggered my desire to travel more and to see the world, Singapore is so...small. and here's to the 2nd part of the trip! If you haven't seen Part 1 (if you're one who prefer the nature more; the clear blue skies and the ombre blue ocean which Mother Earth created, and also see wild seals in their wonderland, you would also love it because we did a 'road trip' to visit all these places): Retreat to South Africa Part 1 (Day 1 & 2)

DAY 3: Helicopter Ride, Strawberry picking (Stellenbosch), Moyos, V&A Waterfront


Here's a quick collage of an 360 overview of Cape Town we had from the helicopter, I was really lucky to be chosen to sit in the front seat ;D I get the best view! and whats a front seat without a selfie with the pilot? Constantly being stuck in this humid weather in SG makes me miss this weather in ZA so much, so sunny but yet the wind is so cooling, lovely! 

P1010870 copy copy.jpg
P1010885 copy copy.jpg

It was my first time on the helicopter in the skies so I was exhilarated when it flew! For a moment I put down my camera and really, enjoyed the flight. Could do anything to exchange for such a relaxing and calming flight. okay okay I can't wait to move on to our next stop!! STRAWBERRY PICKING at Mooiberg Farm Stall @ Stellenbosch!!! 

Strawberry picking can only be done in a warm season, which starts from November onwards, it's definitely the most colourful farm I have seen :*) it cheers anyone up! Can I stay there please? My mood would be cheerful everyday just by looking at the colours. The natural lighting was so good I don't even need to do any editing to the pictures. 

Mooiberg Farm Stall, Stellenbosch 
Mooiberg Farm, Off R44 towards Stellenbosch

Some basic information, R44 is Regional route 44, it resembles our highway, its easy to spot them on the map. Examples of some other roads are N1 and N2, which are National routes that runs within Western Cape, where road trips along them can be done, can't wait to rent a car next time!

Heading over to the next stop at MOYOs! MOYOs is a place where there are more native blacks, and they carry their culture very much. You can see clearly from how they wear, and what they do. How can we give this a miss? It was so much fun! :) 

Stellenbosch area at the Western Cape is more warm and yea could you tell we were perspiring all over.. luckily I was in sleeveless! Such a far cry of temperature from the heart of Cape Town! 

We ended our day at V&A (Victorian & Alfred) Waterfront where you will find Alfred Mall & Victoria Wharf sweeping the entire view of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Bay Harbour, the City of Cape Town and Table Mountain. The street is bustling with life and there are many locals facing and singing along the music they play themselves, a nice place to chill as well. :) 


DAY 4: Mossel Bay, Drive to Knysna, Knysna Waterfront (6 hours drive)

Some snippets of our 'road trip', the highways had nothing much except for a lot (A LOT) of aloe vera trees (bottom right picture) that pretty much looks like pineapple instead! haha! And yes aloe vera are grown in South Africa, and its a much to get their aloe vera gel because it is so so good for the skin :) 

We then stopped over at Mossel Bay for a quick lunch where it is famous for the White Shark encounter, we didn't have the time and I don't think I have the courage to try too but months after I returned I saw Aimee Song went and it brought back so many memories!!!  

P1011140 copy.jpg

The beautiful beautiful scenery.. I felt like I stepped into a painting. #pleasebringmeback 

P1011141 copy.jpg

And yay! After a 6 hours long drive, we finally arrived in Knysna Waterfront (pronounced as nice-na). So in love with the little street with different countries' flags hung together:) It was evening when we arrive so it was time for some settling down at Protea Hotel Knysna Quays.

I didn't take a picture of the hotel so I grab it off the net! It looks exactly like that slightly 2 hours after we arrived in the evening. Love the sky, lighting and atmosphere. It can get very very chilly at night, even though it is Summer when we went! 

I didn't take a picture of the hotel so I grab it off the net! It looks exactly like that slightly 2 hours after we arrived in the evening. Love the sky, lighting and atmosphere. It can get very very chilly at night, even though it is Summer when we went! 

Protea Hotel Knysna Quays
Address: Waterfront Drive, Knysna, Western Cape, 6570, South Africa
Telephone: +27 44 382 5005

P1011144 copy.jpg
P1011145 copy.jpg
P1011148 copy.jpg

Knysna Waterfront is a small area where most restaurants sell fresh seafood, after dinner we were just chilling by the waters and admiring the sunset.. and spot Singapore ;) Sorry for the iPhone quality photo! That pretty much ended day 4, nothing much because of the long drive, but the next day is exciting! :D

IMG_0474 copy.jpg
IMG_0480 copy-001.jpg

DAY 5: Monkeyland, Knysna Elephant Park

One thing I love staying around Knysna is we are mostly surrounded by nature; unlike Singapore where everywhere we go I feel like we are constantly bombarded by buildings. Its definitely different visiting a Monkeyland here as compared to a Zoo back at home because the animals here are never caged up - which I think makes a VAST difference in getting close up and knowing them. I hate the idea of caging up animals, but sometimes I know we are left with no choice too. 

P1011186 copy.jpg
P1011191 copy.jpg
P1011192 copy.jpg

This was how close we were to the monkeys, I didn't not zoom in, they were just walking around and pass us, all we have to do is to stay calm when they are near because when you start screaming they sense danger and they may start to attack you to defend themselves. 

P1011193 copy.jpg
P1011202 copy.jpg
P1011213 copy.jpg
ooo, look at his blue bum! :p 

ooo, look at his blue bum! :p 

P1011296 copy.jpg
P1011297 copy.jpg

Met this beauty outside the Monkeyland ;)

P1011325 copy.jpg

Lunch was at Plettenberg Bay, as you can see most meals in South Africa are akin to western meals; we will always have a starter salad, a main and also a dessert to finish it all up... and after sooooo many of such meals in ZA, my fatty had to send me THIS Chomp Chomp hokkien meeeee...very nice of him...! :( 


Chilling around the Bay before moving on to our next destination - Knysna Elephant Park!!!

P1011337 copy.jpg
P1011341 copy.jpg


Moving on to Knysna Elephant Park next! In this really vast area, there are only 7 elephants living inside and it isn't really a park either. Just a really big space for the elephants to wander around, and there are shelters built for these 7 elephants..and the awesome news is, you can actually live in the same shelter with the elephants!!! How cool is that, at night these gentle giants will automatically return to their 'homes' to have a good night's rest and thats where you stay a balcony above them, watching how they return at night and go out again in the morning. An experience I definitely want to try in the future! More information here: :) 

These are just barriers where they will stand behind for you to feed them with fruits. 

These are just barriers where they will stand behind for you to feed them with fruits. 

P1012085 copy.jpg
P1012087 copy.jpg
P1012129 copy.jpg
P1012146 copy.jpg

Dinner was again surrounded by the tranquil waters and beautiful sunset, with fresh oysters and beer on the table to accompany us through the night. :) 

P1012160 copy.jpg
P1012162 copy.jpg
P1012172 copy.jpg

Oh and finally that's the end of Day 3 - 5, can't wait to share the last bits of ZA and also to research more on my upcoming internship program in Alexandria, all these traveling are getting me too excited to sleep at night!! hee. 

Till the next post, I miss you South Africa :(