Bedtime thoughts.

And so the same old night continues, replying emails, searching for new inspirations for my clients' cake orders, working on drafts after drafts, looking out for new meals to cook.... oh how I should be dreading to do all these after an usual long day in the kitchen but surprisingly most of the it wakes me up! Erm...unless you're talking about my day with crazy amount of baking, frosting, fondant making and cake decorating to be done.. by night time I would hit the sack straight away.

Every night I am thankful I go to bed with new knowledge; either a new recipe I want to try making or a new cake decorating idea I would love to try on my client's cake. By the way, I am very thankful, again and again, every time I receive emails with my clients telling me how they trust my skills and I am free to do any changes to the cake draft. Even a pair of wedding couple I met few weeks back told me they chose me among all other vendors they have asked, because they have seen my works. ahh..especially when I just started on dessert tables this year..!

I too absolutely adore and enjoy making sugar flowers because I feel I could create some sort of beauty from a ball of sugar paste, I love that feeling! Which also explains why I have narrowed down my specialisation to making sugar flowers and more classic design rather than the overwhelming cartoon characters thats demanded everywhere now, simply because I suck at moulding them! Everyone has their strengths and limits so since I know where are my limits, I don't cross it ;) The transition from accepting all sorts of orders to plainly what I'm focusing on now is tough, because it means I have to reject many kinds of orders and it means lesser revenue..and you know the story. But I'm happy now because people are starting to recognise what I can do and what I am doing, they finally stopped asking me to do a Mickey mouse cake. I can't! haha!

Just want to tell you guys..... a big THANKYOU!! ♡ You wouldn't have guessed how much all these means to me:')

Its probably very hard for you to understand unless you've been in my shoes, I started my cake business (uhm not sure is it really a business or actually I'm just pursuing what I really love to do), I started with almost nothing and very ugly designs initially when I did cupcakes (and aw I have lovely friends that still made purchases from me and being so supportive hehe). I casually started doing it because I couldn't get into a local university years back..I had 'nothing to do' and I was healing a heartbreak. 

I know I could have worked or something but I didn't know how to think back then, but you never know what this 'wrong' step would have brought you to where you are today. I ended up signing up for a course to learn cake decorating and that's where I really threw all my heart in. Rewind 6 years back, young and 18, I didn't have much money in my bank account but I willingly threw my money into learning what I really want (oh I still do that today). How passion drives people crazy. 

I ended up in SIM-RMIT and started my uni studies in Business Management. Here's also the place where I met my fatty and I never once stopped giving thanks because he saw me grew up these 3.5 years and taught me so much. I met great friends that brought me through many hurdles in life too. 
I never forget how one close friend once asked me, 'Don't you think sometimes its just Fate? Like how you didn't manage to end up in NTU studying sociology when you really wanted to get it so badly that time, and what you are doing today, learning how to manage a business and here you are doing one now and also how you met Shawn.' 

Yea, sometimes I think it is too. 

So..folks, to cut the long story short, here's the deal. I have learnt that what you really want at a point of time may not be what is really suited for you (well, it may too). Its tough, but get lost in your thoughts and take small steps towards a new direction, you really never know what the future beholds. Be it a heartbreak or an accident that happened, both you and I never wanted it to happen, I know. But life as it is, is always full of surprises. I am blessed and always so thankful to be able to find what I am truly passionate in. No matter how tough it gets, I'm not giving up. I believe you will find yours too :) 

Ah and I'm also thinking of doing a pastry stint somewhere, if anyone has any to share, or has any experiences anywhere, do drop me an email! :) I'll be more than grateful to learn more about it!